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1982 XT 125

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Fuel gasoline. 5-speed Manual transmission.

2014-10-21 13:31:17

a big hello to everyone on hear. pleased to have become a member. got to learn my way around the site quickly as I think I will need it's services a lot.

recently became the happy owner of an old 82 model 125 xt, I really like the simplicity of it, no water cooling, and just a kick starter, of course it is a bitch to kick over and tends to run hot but that's the trade off.

it has several issues, and I'll work through them gradually but what I would like to know is are their any known electrical upgrades/mods, the lights are appalling, downright dangerous, it's 6volt system so possibly something to do with it but can I get better bulbs or is it a rectifier issue? perhaps they are all like this, and a common fault that can be improved by a known upgrade, your thoughts and opinions are most welcome, thanks